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Mon, 2013-01-14, 09:58

'Sample Case' bei einem Nachwuchsband-Contest
Some days ago I started updating my website layout and improved some small things to get a better user experience. One of the main points that lead to my decision redesigning the layout slightly was my new notebook. On a retina MacBook some photos and layout-related graphics looked a bit boring.

The decision to not only change the images and graphics but to implement some changes I had in mind a while now was easy then. So I added a welcome page which will be extended soon, a working Lightbox which is now used in the photo and video gallery and some helpers for me as the admin user. And some experiences where real fun and helped me to gain some hope in the human race again.

... in der das Licht seine volle Magie entfaltet.
For example when testing the layout in Internet Explorer 9, the current version of IE on Windows 7, I saw what I not expected to see. I saw no layout hickup like I was used to from previous web design tests in the pre IE8/9 era. Well done Microsoft. Now you got the standard. After seeing this I was shure I wouldn’t have to make IE specific layout hacks. Anyway if you’re using IE, especially an older one, I’d suggest you use a more modern, better supported browser like Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

Another thing added now is that I’ll be notified about every comment made to one of my blogposts. I missed some in the past especially on older posts and missed some spam in the past weeks. Sad that there are so much spammers but they’ll have no fun with me now.

If anything seems to not work properly or you have some feedback you want to give about the layout feel free to comment this post.

Galleries and (social) picture platforms

Mon, 2012-04-16, 09:34

I’m unhappy with my galleries module for some time now and search for alternatives and test the out. After some time experimenting with different Lightbox solutions I decided to try the easy way and do it like it did with Vimeo and try a (social) picture platform now. After some research I decided to try Flickr and 500px. For now I’m not sure which service is best or what I’ll do in the long run. I like the layout of 500px much more than Flickr, but on Flickr I’m able to create sets without having to pay for it.

Here are the links to both platforms with the first pics I uploaded there:

Vital sign and sunset timelapse test

Sun, 2012-04-15, 21:00

Again it’s necessary: This is some vital sign which is long overdue …

I’m now studying again and use much of the free time to get some footage so my blog again was a bit out of my attention again. Now here is a little clip I shot on Friday showing a nice sunset. Tripod wasn’t set up properly so I’d have to do some heavy post processing or what I prefer get out again and shoot with better setup to get the best out of it.

I’m currently working on finishing some cuts and will upload some more stuff soon.

Comments, SPAM and CAPTCHA

Thu, 2012-01-19, 13:02

After silvester I had a massive SPAM problem in the comments on this blog with more than thousand comments in one week. This forced me to deactivate the comment functionality and to make all comments since silvester invisible. Checking each comments if it was SPAM would have been to time-consuming.

Now I reactivated the comment function, but it’s now required to solve a simple mathematic equation as a CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart). I really don’t like CAPTCHAs so I didn’t added them from the beginning of this blog. But the huge amount of SPAM now forced me to add them. If you experience any problems or have suggestions for improvements please leave a comment or send me an email.

EDIT: I now switched to the reCAPTCHA service after seeing that my CAPTCHA code was too easy to solve and spaming was continued. goes international

Wed, 2011-09-14, 09:00

I planed it for some time and now it’s here. The internationalized version of Static content should mostly be translated. In the next days/weeks I’ll work on the translation of my content. It made me happy how easy it was to add translations via some rails plugins.

For some parts (like the Tag cloud) I have to think about a good solution for internationalization but this is also planed.

If you find mistakes in my translation please contact me!

Urlaub vorbei und ab in den Altagsstreß

Tue, 2011-07-05, 22:37

Die letzten Tage in San Francisco waren auch super. Donnerstags machten wir eine kleine Rundfahrt durch San Francisco und folgten der ersten Hälfte des sogenannten “49-Mile Scenic Drive”. Freitags fuhren wir dann mit einem Tagesticket mehrfach mit dem Cable Car und dem Linienbus und schauten Hauptsächlich den Hafen und das Stadtgebiet an. Abends zog uns der Sonnenuntergang wieder zum Hafen, wo einige tolle Aufnahmen der Golden Gate Bridge im Sonnenuntergang gelangen.

Nach einem langen Flug und Zugfahrt waren wir dann wieder Daheim. Während des Fluges ergaben sich einige beeindruckende Ansichten des Sonnenuntergangs sowie Sonnenaufgangs. Durch den Flug “gegen” die Zeit und die nördliche Flugroute war die Nacht dazwischen entsprechend kurz.

In den nächsten Tagen plane ich dann noch ein paar allgemeine Dinge über die USA und meine Eindrücke davon zu schreiben.

Kaum zu Hause angekommen stand dann natürlich Freunde Treffen, Bilder geotaggen und so manch unerwartetes auf dem Programm, sodass ich leider erst heute zum Schreiben dieses Beitrags kam. Nebenher habe ich aber noch ein paar tolle Funktionen wie z.B. die Anzeige von Bildern in den Blogposts – inkl. Verlinkung an die entsprechende Stelle in der Galerie – endlich hinzugefügt und hier direkt genutzt.

Galerie-Modul nun online \o/

Wed, 2011-05-18, 19:15

Das Modul für Fotogalerien ist nun online. Einiges am Layout und an der Darstellung werde ich noch optimieren und erweitern. Die wichtigsten Arbeiten, um “Live” aus dem Urlaub zu berichten, sind nun aber fast abgeschlossen.

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