HALLia VENEZiA 2012 - Impressions

Published at Wed, 2012-02-15, 11:40

It was the sunday 8 days before Rosenmontag again. This day is the day of HALLia VENEZiA (additional Website), a masquerade ball in our wonderfull city of Schwäbisch Hall along the lines of the traditional Venetian one, was celebrated. As the years before there where nice mask, robes and friendly poses. Despite -10°C at 11am many photographer and filmers where at the Globe theater where the masked participants met to pose for the photographers and then went through the streets.

This year of course I decided to film the event and so I followed the goings-on for hours. Beforehand I had done some interviews with people from the club organizing this event and now I’m working on a short documentation about this event. To show some impressions I decided to do the rough cut you see above. The cut of the docu will take some time but then I’ll publish it here of course.

“Technical details”

I was recently asked which camera and lenses I used so here are some information about the gear used. I filmed on the NEX-5n while my father used his A77. The clip mostly contains recordings from the NEX cause my father had problems with the focus so I only used some of his shots. The lenses I used are the Sony SAL-2875 and the SAL-70200.

For shots with my shoulder rig I tried the Sony SEL-1855 (f3.5 to 5.6) which I lent from a friend to test especially the stabilization. After some shots I decided to switch back to my 28-75 cause the handling of the small 18-55 for the NEX is bad. It’s to small for use on the rig I think cause with the follow focus you have problems to use the zoom ring. And I don’t have NDs for this lens and the aperture is a bit bad… So the handheld shots are also mostly SAL-2875 with stabilization in FCPX which surprised me with its picture quality when I first used it.

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